The Schiller International University Alumni Organization

The SIU Alumni Office sees as one of its objectives to assist you in maintaining relationships that have been important to you and to build up new ones.

York Weyers, a Schiller alumnus, has set up an online alumni forum "Schiller International University Alumni Organization" at "XING" as a communication platform. It is perfect for our needs: Besides ensuring members' privacy and offering a global reach, the platform also has cool features enhancing contact management, such as Skype, power search, specialist discussion groups and an event tool for offline events. 

This forum aims at promoting contacts of all kinds and for all purposes of alumni, students, faculty and friends of Schiller. The goal of the forum is to gather alumni and facilitate communication. It allows graduates of Schiller to connect with other alumni, reconnect with lost classmates and meet new graduates.

Join the forum today!