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wrote on 28.01.2015

Hi there, I was at Shiller College the sumer of 65 I think, may have been 66. Anyway I was with a group form the San Francisco Bay Area, me from Menlo Park. I am not good with names so I can't remember any but if you were with the group I would love to hear from you. As point of reference the bay area group went to New York to catch the charter to Stuugart on the train due to a domestic airline strike. Where you on the train? What I remember most is hanging out at the Gasshuas at night. Hope to hear from som of you. I was there on the AIFS program.

wrote on 22.10.2015

Hi, Tom/Yes, I was in that AIFS group from the Bay Area. And I remember that cross country train ride. We had sleeper cars as far as Chicago but had to go in regular cars overnight to New York. Very uncomfortable trying to sleep sitting up. I'm not in contact with any of the group. The only other names I recall are Rick Betchley and Dick Moldre. Rick was a basketball player with Woodside High. Moldre was the guy who did not go with us on the bus tour into East Berlin because of a concern over some family history of escaping from a Soviet bloc country. We're you part of our group that moved all the chairs out of the dining hall into the Schloss courtyard late one night as a prank?

wrote on 21.07.2014

Looking for anyone from Kleiningersheim 1968 & 1969

wrote on 26.09.2014

I was the Assistant Registrar at Schiller College in Kleiningersheim starting in June 1968 - my office was in the gatehouse.

wrote on 23.11.2014

Hi Bea, I remember you form K-heim '68 /69 year. As I recall you traveled quite a bit on weekends and were not around the campus much after work. Send me an E-mail at

wrote on 01.03.2014

I attended Schiller College in Kleiningersheim in the school year of 1967-1968. I was one of the kids from Oklahoma! (I now live in Colorado, so if you are ever close by, let me know) I am going to be close to Kleiningersheim from May 16-19 this year and was wondering if there was anyway I could visit the interior of the Castle with my husband. I have fond memories there and would love to hear from any of you that remember me and could help me find the person to contact to visit there!! I can't wait to see Kleiningersheim again! Sherry

wrote on 15.04.2014

Try Patricia Kershaw ( She is working on the 50th reunion for June 2014 and possible tour of the castle for alumni.

wrote on 25.02.2014

I graduated from HD in 1973 beleive John Muesser was there then. My wife and I met the first Summer Session 1965 in Kleiningsheim. Looking to see if anyone from that time is planning to attend the reunion this June. We are seriously considering going.

wrote on 20.05.2013

Hi! I attended Schiller at the schloss in 67-68. I'm still friends with kathy Cook, George Brock, Candy and John Hoveland, Mary Lee. Would love to hear from others.

wrote on 16.04.2014

Hi Benny, you were there from 1966-1967. The Pictures prove it! Ellen Ritzel- Lindhorst

wrote on 14.02.2014

Sorry, but you must have the wrong years....I was there in '67-'68, and unless you had a name change, you weren't there that year.

wrote on 02.03.2016

Trying to get in contact with John Musser. We lived in Heidelberg, where I still live, at they say time.

Michael Boyd

wrote on 01.04.2013

Anyone out there who attended Schiller College in the years 1968-69? We sstudied at the Schloss in Kleiningersheim, which I revisited in 2007. Also, Dr. Harald Leibrecht, if you remember the girl who used to come to your home Mondays through Thursdays (when you were years old) with American comic books, I was that girl! I enjoyed teaching and working with all of the children in your family! Sincerely, Jane Townswick

wrote on 12.10.2013

Hi Jane, I was the free spirit long-haired guy who was in philosophy classes with Herr Doherty & Dean McKay. Brian Hickey was my roomate. The whole year was life-changing and made me into an international citizen. I just wish my German was as good then as it is now. Returned to USA for med school grad school and a long career as a Professor of neuroscience. I would love to hear from other 68-69 Schiller Folk, All the Best! Gerry

wrote on 03.05.2013

Hi Jane, Did you also teach the Ukelele? I was 9 then, and I remember the Comics, wish we still had them. Thanks for your inspiration.

wrote on 09.11.2012

Would love to re-connect with Summer of '65 alumni. I have lots of pictures and would be happy to share.

wrote on 16.12.2011

I took the 1970 summer program at Kleiningersheim, the dorms were in where they used to keep the horses. Does anyone have a list of students that were there that summer? Thanks Martin

wrote on 16.12.2013

I was there for the 1970 summer program also. I had Herr Spechter for one of my courses. Baroness Freia von Radovitz was the director. Such a wonderful program!

wrote on 17.09.2011

Just discovered this site. I was there summer of 1968,studying German. So many great memories - revisited the town in 1997. What a time! My first visit to Europe, changed my life - always wondered what those bricks lying in the streets of Paris were about - only found out later about the 68 demonstrations

wrote on 28.10.2012

Hey, me too. AIFS.Remember East Berlin and checkpoint Charlie. Our group was there in July. We were with the Eckenrodes from Barberton Ohio. How about you

wrote on 26.05.2011

I was there for the summer of 1966. It was the most exciting summer of my life. Is there anyone on this site from then? I stumbled on here just on a whim when I Googled Kleiningershein looking for a photo of the castle.

wrote on 19.07.2012

Hi Jay, I have photos of the castle. It was a great summer wasn't it. Email me and I'll forward the photos. Ken

wrote on 18.07.2012

Hi Jay, I just found this site as well. I think I have a pic of the castle. Send me an email. I have been back to Kleiningserheim several times over the years. I may return next year.

wrote on 18.07.2012

Hi Jay, I just found this site as well. I hope all is well. Send me an email. Ken

wrote on 13.05.2012

I was there summer of '66 too! Just happened to think about those days earlier today, so I thought I'd check it out! Were are you now? I'm in Albuquerque, NM.

wrote on 21.01.2011

I was at Kleiningersheim for the 66-67 term - I lived at Kofink Haus the first semester, then when my roommate Sarah left moved to Leibrand Haus and roomed with Ann Linford. Would love to hear from any and all students from that term. I believe that year changed the whole direction of my life. I'm living now in Euless TX, not quite ready to retire but traveling is my passion. My email is and I'd love to catch up with the group!

wrote on 10.02.2013

Hi Sue! I can't believe I just found this website and you're onit! How great to read your post. My 66-67 year at Schiller College was an incredible experience. Al and I married in '68 and have lives in Michigan since 1980. We'r both retired educators. Would love to hear back from you.

wrote on 13.05.2015


My group from Beloit College studied at the Bönnigheim campus, January-June of 1967. For me also a life-changing experience! My wife Jean and I are also retired teachers, here in Madison, Wisconsin. A long-delayed hi to you both!! Steve

wrote on 26.04.2011

Hey, Sue, I'm Kathy Nacy and just found this web site. What fun!

wrote on 08.03.2011

Hi Sue, Check out the pictures posted to the site. You have to be registered - but you'll like them. Plus Facebook has pictures on it Schiller site, if you're a member. It was all put together with everything I had from the year abroad. Ellen Ritzel-Lindhorst

wrote on 02.09.2012

Hello, As you can see my name is Joann. The reason I am writing to you is that I was on and found old photos of my grandparents that passed away before i was born. Your name was given for contributing the photos. Their names were Franz & Anna Ritzel. They had 3 daughters...Edith,Anna & Sonya...Sonya is my mother. Thank you for your time.

wrote on 08.10.2012

Hello Joann, Yes, Edith, Annie and your mother Sonya are my cousins - their father was my dad's oldest brother. If you want to contact me, please use the possibility or use my e-mail address; I live in Germany. Hope to hear from you. Ellen

wrote on 14.06.2011

I see you have another whole life on facebook. I am a neophyte and need a Mother Hen to guide me through!

wrote on 11.11.2011

Hi Chuck So you found the website - good, huh? Facebook is as foreign to me as China and I am not a member of it. Have you seen the photos posted from 1966-1967 on this site? Ellen

wrote on 14.11.2010

Does anyone know whatever happened to Melissa Combs, Sandi Ballard and Dave Beckwith - all from 1966-1967?

wrote on 26.01.2010

I attended Schiller with AIFS in August '67. You knew me at that time as "Jay", but I changed my name to "Jace" a while back. I was with a group from California (mostly students from my high school - Arroyo High in San Lorenzo) and our chaperone was my German Language teacher at Arroyo, Mr. Brian. My roommate and best friend throughout the trip was Greg Pratt who joined us from Bakersfield. Some others in our group included Linda Carpenter, Art Tollec, Steve Taylor, Paul Salzgiver and Phil Dreike. I have the list of others stashed away in my ol' ...

wrote on 18.10.2009

Hi folks. Just recently found this SIU alumni site. I thought I'd try and reconnect with some of the non-Oklahoma City University people from Schiller in Kleiningersheim back in 1967 (for us just the fall semester). In scanning previous entries, I concur - amazing it's been some 42 years since the German experience! I moved to Dallas in 1969, working for AT&T / Lucent for 30 years before retiring. (Upon retiring, my wife and I went to Disney World - if it was good enough for the Super Bowl winners, good enough for me....) Some posted names I remember on this ...

wrote on 06.11.2015

Was at Schiller, Kleiningersheim, 1967-68. Married Debby Misner in 1972, we have four children and now live in Aurora, in NE Ohio.
Interested to hear from anyone in the '67-'68 class.
All best,

wrote on 24.11.2009

Dear Dennis, John Musser and I are trying to locate students from 67-68. I just wrote to OKCU to see if I could find you. My email address is listed above. We hope to hear from you. Cyndi Johnson, Lake Norden, SD

wrote on 19.07.2009

I may be going back to Germany this fall for the first time since I was at Schiller in the year 67-68. Just wondering if anyone that was at the school during that time is in Germany. It would be great to touch base. I intend to visit Kleiningersheim to show my husband where I went to school. I have lost touch with most everyone that was there from Okla. during that time. I have lived in CO for 39 years! Would love to hear from any of you! Sherry (Parker) Dougherty

wrote on 23.01.2010

Sherry, I happened upon this site because we are going to try to visit the school today and I was looking for how to find the school. We looked for it last weekend in the dark and gave up. My wife took a group of high school students for study in the summer of 1969. I was supposed to go, too, but I broke my leg and couldn't make the trip. The reason I responded to you was that you were inquiring about anyone who lived here now. My wife and I moved here 4 months ago and live in Heilbronn ...

wrote on 30.10.2010

I was a post-junior-year summer student at the Schloss in 1969 with Texan, Tennessean, and Californian groups. I remember Mrs. Forehand (a most gracious lady!) and Katie Birmingham from Yreka, CA, and many faces for which I no longer have the names. I was the sole New-Orleanian in the group. It was a wonderful introduction to European and German culture. That was the summer of the moon landing and Chappaquiddick. Do you recall our 15-minutes in the Louvre?

wrote on 18.09.2010

I'm wondering if I would remember your wife. I was a high school student at Shiller for summer school in 1969. I was with a group from Minnesota. Our teacher was Herr Thompson. It was an indescriable exerpience! I happened upon this site by looking for Kleiningersheim. It would be fun to hear from someone who was there.

wrote on 24.11.2009

Hi Sherry, It is great to hear from you. I am not sure how active this website is so I will try to contact you in Colorado. John and I are putting together a list of all who attended in 67-68. It is great to hear from you!!

wrote on 14.10.2009

Sherry: Just happened on this website. Do you remember me among the OCU folks? Dennis.

wrote on 03.06.2009

I was a student with AIFS in the summer 0f 1970. Along with two other student groups, we stayed at the Castle in Kleiningersheim. I can only remember one of the male students, a blond from Minnesota (Michigan???) named Jamey. What a terrific summer that was - nearly forty years ago....would love to hear from anyone from then - our group was from Waco, Texas - Richfield High School.

wrote on 07.03.2009

That was my name in the Spring of '66. I attended Schiller (from Wiesbaden) for only a quarter - intended to go to summer school & live in the tower but caught pneumonia & spent the summer recovering. Guess it was too much revelry & spring-time air! I met a host of interesting people... Can only remember first names now - how about Heidi & Julie! My roomie was a sweet red-head named Linda. Where are you now?

wrote on 13.11.2008

Hi, Does anybody remember Mickey - the German kid that was around all the time? Wonder what happened to him. Ellen

wrote on 09.05.2010

Hi to all from 66-67! I DO remember some of your names, and yes, Mickey! I live in Wisconsin now, but have been back to Germany frequently. Would love to hear from any and all... ( Barbara

wrote on 01.11.2008

I would love to reconnect wth Javen Spradlin, an older student at the time. She came from Ponca, Oklahoma. Anyone know her whereabouts?

wrote on 13.11.2008

HI Keith, Is that you - the guy who I hitchhiked with to Salzburg? We were a group of 10 kids - remember? I have great pictures! I live in Germany now. Send an answer - would love to hear from you. Ellen Ellen Ritzel

wrote on 14.10.2008

Hi to the 1967-1968 class at Schiller. I received a call from John Musser yesterday - what a thrill! It was great to catch up on the good old days at Schiller. Hope we can connect with old friends!

wrote on 11.10.2009

Hi, Anne! Just happened upon this website. Do you remember me from Schiller in the fall/winter of 1967? Not sure how active this website is, but I can probably put people up to speed on those of us that went to Kleiningersheim from Oklahoma. Hope all is well with you. It's been a few years (ok, decades....) Dennis.

wrote on 14.09.2008

I attended Schiller summer school in the first half of 1967 and would like to find any classmates. There was a local boy named Peter if anyone remembers him. Also, where would I look to find the instructors we had during that summer session? That was the greatest summer of my life. Bruce

wrote on 04.08.2009

Peter. what aninteresting story. I worked at the Frankfurt Flughafen with Pan Am and later Delta and was walking thru the flughafen when this man approached me and asked if i had gone to school in Kleiningsheim. Turns out to be Peter..So we worked together for a few years. He is married and has 2 children. I believe he is stilli n the Frankfurt area.

wrote on 07.04.2008

I am looking for Katrina Rainoshek who studied in Kleiningersheim in 67/68 while her husband Tom was stationed in Germany

wrote on 24.11.2009

There wasn't anyone by that name at Kleiningersheim during 67-68. I have the yearbook here. Perhaps she was at Bonningheim?

wrote on 12.09.2007

Hi, I was at Schiller from 1966-1967 and would love to hear from anyone who was there at that time. Hard to believe it's been so long. I have a film of that year, including the Medieval Fair that we put on in 1967 in May.

wrote on 26.04.2011

I was there 66-67 and still remember pretty much everybody. Weren't you in the Nebenhaus?

wrote on 22.02.2012

Hi Nancy, Sorry - haven't checked this site in a while. Thanks for the note - yes, I was in Nebenhaus. I live in Germany now and have retired after 35 years of teaching English in a Germany Gymnasium. What are you up to? My e-mail address is: I am not on Facebook. I'd love to hear from you. I posted a few photos from 1966-1967 on the site, plus a copy of the Schiller yearbook from 1967. Ellen

wrote on 14.03.2009

I was a student at Schiller College 1966-1967 while my family was living in London. I had a room down off the courtyard with three other people. One roomie was also named Jan from Libya. I would love to hear from you and see the film. What a wonderful time of our lives. I travel often throughout the world and hope to return to Kleiningersheim some day to re-visit the castle but know it is private now.

wrote on 16.11.2008

I was at Schiller for the 1966-1967 school year. I lived in the dorm room downstairs by the entrance to the castle with 3 other girls. I would love to hear from you.

wrote on 06.12.2008

Hi Jan, I kived in Nebenhaus on the first floor together in the room with Sandi Ballard and MaryLee Wulff. Later Sandi moved to as single and we got another person called Regina. Helen Dunlop was the house-mama. I have a film of that fair we put on. Remember Mickey????? He was always around. Love to hear from you. Ellen

wrote on 02.11.2008

I was a student at Schiller College in Kleiningersheim the 1966-1967 and have such fond memories. My parents were living in London at the time. I will keep researching on the internet to see if I can find fellow classmates. I now live in Phoenix, Arizona; had a 30 year law enforcement career ending up with the FBI, and my passion is travel. I have been to all 50 states and their capitals, 6 continents and 92 countries. I have been back to Germany several times and had thought about going to see the "old campus". How wonderful the program was ...

wrote on 01.11.2008

Hi Ellen, Not sure I remember you. Memory is a little fuzzy about people I only knew for one year in 66-67. I was a shepherd boy in Medieval Fair and worked in the icecream bar outside the castle. Would love to hear from you.

wrote on 15.11.2008

Hi Keith I just found a postcard you sent me from Russia in 1967! Wow. I think it was the trip the school organized after the year was over. I had forgotten that I still have it - it was in my Schiller album. I still have a lot of contact with Jerry Krauel and Helen Dunlop. We have visited each other a lot. I live in Germany and am married to a German guy (30 years next year!). Do you remember Mickey? I just found a picture of him too. Drop a note - would be good to hear from ...

wrote on 16.08.2008

Hi, Ellen.... I remeber you very well. If you remember, I was the fellow that drove the mini bus for everyone. I also slept all the stuff in to do that medievial fair. I woudl love to get a copy of that film. I hung around with Mike Tharp and Tim & John Harrison and Brad Wood. Now, I am semi retired living in Beautiful Colorado. I moved out here shortly after med school and lived here ever since ! Keep in Touch. I just received an e-mail about this sight ...I wish we had this sooner...i woudl have loved to ...

wrote on 09.11.2007

Hi, I attended Schiller College from 66-67. I remember that fair. My name was Carolyn Staufer back then.

wrote on 01.11.2008

Hi Carolyn I believe I remember you. My name was Keith back then. Worked in the icecream bar outside the castle walls and was a shepherd boy at the Fair.

wrote on 29.04.2009

Hi Keith, I was a peasant girl at the fair. I remember making my costume out of burlap bags. Carolyn

wrote on 19.11.2007

Hi Carolyn, Good to hear from someone that was there then. The film is really fantastic. I watched it with Helen Dunlop (lives in Texas) and Jerry Krauel(lives in Canada) two summers ago. It is hard to believe we were all so young then. Where do you live now? I live in Germany and teach school here. I was back at Kleiningersheim 3 years ago and took a lot of pictures. Only the SchnitzelFabrik is still open. Dr. Leibrecht's son (the one in politics) now lives in the castle with his family. If you'd like, I could send a few photos ...

wrote on 08.03.2008

Hi Ellen, Sorry it has taken me so long to respond! I was expecting an email to come directly to me! How nice to hear from you!! Yes, I would love to see some pictures. I haven't been back to Germany since 1984. Carolyn

wrote on 01.04.2008

Hi Carolyn, Got the message. I wasn't sure you were going to rerspond - all the mail goes through the Schiller system to protect our privacy. If you write directly to me at I will send the pictures that I have taken a few years ago. I can't do it through the Schiller mail.OK? Hope to hear from you. Ellen

wrote on 24.06.2008

Hi Ellen, I was unable to email didn't go through for some reason. Perhaps I copied it incorrectly, I'll try again. Carolyn

wrote on 25.06.2008

Hi Carolyn, Sorry the message didn't go through. Check the address again - remember the dots and hyphens. I hope to hear from you. Ellen

wrote on 30.06.2008

I will try again. Are you going to the gathering in NYC in July? Carolyn

wrote on 01.04.2008

Hi Carolyn, Yes - all the mail goes through Schiller. I guess it is to protect the data and our privacy. If you write directly to me at I can send you some pictures of Kleiningersheim. I can't do it with the Schiller system. OK? It was good to hear from you. I thought you hadn't wanted to respond. Am waiting to hear from you. Love, Ellen

wrote on 07.09.2007

Looking for all grads from Schiller College '64-'65. Would love to hear from you and maybe try to get a reunion together.

wrote on 01.10.2009

Hey Nancy Fancy seeing you here. When are you back in san Diego? Stop by for dinner. Is the gasthaus Der Rossle still standing in Kleiningersheim? Jerry

wrote on 10.10.2009

You will be pleased to know that the zum Roessli is still serving huge portions of schnitzle und pommes frites....just not as cheaply now!

wrote on 01.10.2009

Hey nancy What a surprise to find you on this website. When are you back in san Diego next? Drop by for dinner. Is the gasthaus Der Rossle still standing in Kleiningersheim? Jerry

wrote on 02.03.2009

Nancy How do we exchange email addresses?

wrote on 22.02.2009

Great to see this alumni feature. Hi Nancy - do you remeber hitching a ride with a trucker from Munich to Salzburg?

wrote on 16.08.2008

I was with you Nancy at Kleiningersheim. I remember that year with great fondness. I'm living in Terre Haute, Indiana and am retired. Would love to hear from you or any others who were in that group.

wrote on 14.12.2007

Fond greetings to all Kleiningersheim classmates of the first year 1964-65. Didn't we have a grand time? I still have the yearbook/annual that we put together and do cherish it. Does anybody out there still eat "Auflauf?" Would love to hear from any of you. I've been back twice -- 1990 and 1998 -- and sure enjoyed it.

wrote on 25.07.2008

Anna Mae, How are you and what are you doing. We certainly did have a wonderful time. Miss the close friendships we formed in the groupl I retired 2 years ago so am enjoying going at a slower pace. Would love to get together.

wrote on 22.02.2009

Hi Alta - I also am retired. I would love to contact as many of our classmates as we can round up - perhaps a reunion?

wrote on 25.06.2008

Hi Anna Mae! Dennis and I are living back in my home town after being in Iowa, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. We just celebrated 42 years of wedded bliss. Joellyn lives close to us. I have thought about you often but have done nothing more than try to find you on Google. Is there some way we can get together sometime? Are we allowed to list our 'real' addresses on here or only e-mail?

wrote on 22.02.2009

Hi Kathy - Hello to Dennis - I just found a beer coaster signed by Dennis, George Finnan, Wilderman and me in Innsbruck on our return from our adventerous trip to Greece and our return through what was then Yugoslavia. I hope we can figure out some kind of a reunion down the line.

wrote on 25.07.2008

Kathy and Dennis, Great to see you name on the web site. I saw the note freom Anna Mae. Do you know where anyone els is? Would love to see folks from out year in Germany.

wrote on 25.08.2007

An alumnus from '67-'68... Hard to believe that it is now 40 years since we first set eyes on the Schloss on that September daybreak after our cruise from New York to Bremerhaven on the SS Rotterdam. Who else from that year wants to email? That year changed my life!!

wrote on 06.11.2015

Hi, John,

Hope all is well with you. I married Debby Misner in 1972, we have four children and are living in Aurora [NE], Ohio.
Schiller was a watershed event in my life, nothing after was the same. I'd like to hear from you and any of our classmates.

All best,

wrote on 14.02.2014

John! It changed mine too. Any contacts with other former students?

wrote on 28.05.2014

Hello! I just stumbled onto this website. I would love to join the group, collect email address and actual address, telephone numbers, etc, and would love to help get together for a reunion. Please email me. John Stout 67-68

wrote on 03.04.2009

what fun to find this website..I was at Schiller from 66-67 along with Ellen and George Brock and Dianne Park and Elanor Bravo, who I just met here in DC for the inaugural week..what fun that was..MaryLee

wrote on 12.05.2009

Hi MaryLee, Good to see your name on the website. HOw are you? I live in Germany now and am married to a German national. I am about to retire. Helen Dunlop. Jerry Krauel and I have had 2 "reunions" in the States. Hel was here a while ago and Jerry still lives in Montreal. Ellen

wrote on 04.08.2009

Sorry I did not answer your meail.Ilived in Germany for nearly 30 years working with the airlines after I gradulated from KU (kansas) too bad welost track. I amin DC and you now have my email address solet's reconnect.Heart Hugs ML

wrote on 23.03.2009

Hey. Just talked to John, and it was great. Ok, who was Sally? And did she drink out of the water taps in the garden? Doing well here in Minnesota; aging is certainly an interesting adventure. Best to all Jim

wrote on 16.08.2008

John, I checked the Schiller website after receiving an email from Ute Gleich with the login information and was glad to see that a few of the 1967-68 folks had signed in. Thank you Ute! I spent the summer of 1969 at the Goethe Institute in Murnau. Then I returned to the U.S. to complete law school. I've worked as an attorney since then. I visited Kleiningersheim about 15 years ago and stopped in at the Schloss. I've visted Germany many times, but haven't returned to Kleiningersheim. However, next summer, I am planning a trip to Germany with my youngest son ...

wrote on 10.10.2008

Roy, how neat to be in touch again. A lawyer, eh? Where are you located? Tell me about the family and how you're doing now. I'm at

wrote on 25.06.2008

John-I'm really glad I checked the website! I was there the spring of '68 with the group from St. Olaf in MN. Do you remember when you came to St. Olaf the next year? We all went to a college dance and had a blast! I'm still in touch with Cheryl Hoium and Sandi Rasmussen Olson. I live in Eden Prairie, MN ( a suburb of Mpls.) Sandi sent me pics of the Schloss. It hasn't changed in 40 years. I would love to hear from other classmates!

wrote on 04.06.2008

Hi John, Just happened to be thinking too that it's been 40 years. So I looked up the site to see if there was anything like a reunion. I guess not. But then I recognized your name. Wow. I've been living in Holland for 31 years and before that in German speaking countries since '72. Hope all is well with you!

wrote on 29.05.2008

John, Just returned last Monday from 2 months in the former GDR. Working on a photography project. Let me know if this reaches you (my first attempt at this). hans

wrote on 11.04.2008

hi John I just had one of those technological moments so this might be a second message. It was great to see a note from our class. I truly cherished those Schiller days and realize this gave me the travel bug!

wrote on 14.10.2009

Cyndi: Cyndi: Just happened on this website. Do you remember me among the OCU folks? Dennis.

wrote on 11.04.2008

Hi John, It was great to see another classmate from that wonderful year at Schiller! It was a memorable time for all of us - I lived in Germany for 19 years after that, and lived for two years near Ludwigsburg. As I'd drive down the Stuttgart autobahn, I'd fondly catch a glimpse of our Schloss!

wrote on 19.08.2007

I was a member of the Schiller family at Kleinigersheim for school year 68/69. I was one of the "locals" whose parents lived in Europe. My sweetheart was (and still is) Joanne Oakleaf. My cohorts in crime were Bob Emmerick, Bob Farmer and Phil Fellows. I live in Stuttgart now and have visited the Schloss and the zum Roessle several times. It's just not the same without the old gang!

wrote on 16.08.2008

Hey Man I remember you quite well and Joanne too... you guys were quite the couple back then...I'm glad it took !! If you remember, I lived accross the hall from you guys. I was the mini bus driver for everyone. I hung out mostly with Tim & John Harrison, Brad Wood and I played guitars togerther and I played tennis with Mike Tharp. I will never forget that night at the pizza place in Berlin where we were all introduced to Uzzo !! Or the snowball fight when we all got in trouble for breaking the windows in the Mens ...

wrote on 14.10.2008

Dusty..the brain cells needed some "dusting off" but yes I do recall some harrowing trips in the mini van. I found Joanne again via the Web and she and I have remained friends. We traveled together this time last year to Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Munich. I recall the Harrisons and their cars. Funny to see the resurgence of Minis. Keep in touch. Tom

wrote on 18.01.2009

Yeah, I was quite the "Sterling Moss" driver back then...somehow we survived. I went back to Kleiningersheim Schloss four times in the last 30 yrs. each time it seams to have changed a little. I took my wife there and my son when he was 18 yrs old. I still think we had the best group and times of anyone who ever went to Schiller. I kept in touch with the Harrison brothers for a while. Tim Married that Girl from Denver he was dating at Schiller. Speaking of Mini Coopers, John unfortunately died of unknown causes when he was about ...

wrote on 22.12.2007

A trip almost back in time. Six weeks ago I went back again to Kleiningersheim, this time with my lovely Joanne with me. We enjoyed seeing the schloss again, the Nebenhaus, walking around the vineyards and of course, a bier and schnitzel at the Roessle.

wrote on 17.12.2007

Hi Tom: I was also at the Schloss in 68-69, dorming on the top floor with Steve Addington and Ramon Castille. I vaguely remember your name along with your partners. My wife and I swung by the Schloss and Zum Roessli a couple of years ago. Clearly, not the same place as I remember. I am semi retired and live in Seattle, WA.

wrote on 12.10.2013

Hello Bill, I have so many memories of Schiller I don't know where to begin. I came home to med school, grad school and still have a great career as a professor of neuroscience & head of a graduate program. I have stayed in touch with Will Kornfeind, Brian Hickey, & Sandy (Mark McNeil). For a while I stayed in touch with Mike Meyer and Ron Noel. Best memories are hitch hiking far & wide and a long trip thru E. Europe, Former USSR, & Scandinavia. Would love to catch up with other 68-69 Schiller Folk. What about the women? Darby Busse, Muffin, Vivian Appelstein, Mary Haven, Barb Anderson, Barb Smith, Barb Grime, etc. All the Best to Everyone

wrote on 18.01.2009

Hey Bill, I was at Schiller the same year you were. I was the mini bus Van driver for most of the year. I lived in the end room fro a while with six other guys whom I can't remember, then I moved to a double on the second floor facing the street. I remember you and Ramone. I have been back to Schiller Schloss about 4 times in the last 30 years. It seems to change each time I return. I took my wife there once and later my son when he was 18. He thought we must have had ...

wrote on 02.03.2008

Bill, I am remembering your name but can't put a face to it. I also recall Ramon. It would sure be fun to get back together at the roessle for some schnitzle. I don't think they could handle all of us there again. Tom

wrote on 20.11.2011

Hi Tom: Obviously I don't check this site very often. As for my face, I, no doubt like you, haven't changed a bit. Where do you live now?

wrote on 01.07.2007

I attended Schiller College in 1964/1965 in Kleininghersheim and would love to hear what all my fellow students have been doing over the past 40 years.

wrote on 14.06.2009

Gruss die Gott! Kleiningersheimers Wie gehts? Wie stehts? I am living in St. Paul, Minnesota working full time as an artist focusing on creating new narratives from Nordic figurative folk art from 800 - 1900. I haven't managed to keep up a blog, but my website is: Are there any other alumns in Minnesota?

wrote on 22.02.2009

Hi Liz it is great to see the names from 65-65 come alive in this alumni feature. I hope we can figure out a reunion. I have been in contact with Fred Aigner who just retired as CEO of Lutheran Social Services of Illinois.

wrote on 14.06.2009

Hi there, I think Alta is working on rounding us up. I saw Keith Hawkinson's note that Fred Aigner retired from LSS of IL . . . I was with LSS of Minnesota for a few years. I HOPE everyone has old photos! Claire

wrote on 25.07.2008

Liz, How great to see you name on this Alumni page. I retired 2 years ago and am having a great time taking it easy. Would love to hear from you. May we could organize a reunion? Alta

wrote on 14.12.2007

Liz; you may remember I was there in 65; hung around with Jerry Donahue, Dan Friedburg, and had a band which was a continuation of having lived in the Stuttgart-Ludwigsburg area for 5 years. Now living in Greenville, SC after having attended Temple Univ (BS) and Sam Houston State (MA). Love it here. Have 3 grown children, 6 grands and working for the County of Greenville as a program Mgr. Hope all is well with you and yours! Best, Hy

wrote on 01.10.2009

Hey Hi Got a match? or, do you prefer a lighter? looking forward to ur reunion next year. Jerry

wrote on 22.02.2009

Hi Hy - remember you well. I think you were our Robinson Baracks PX connection. I was in contact with Dan Friedberg, now a musician known as Freebo - he has continued his association with Jerry Donahue as you may know. This is great! I hope we can round up more classmates from 64-65.

wrote on 01.05.2009

I just happened on the emails from fellow 1964/1965 Kleiningersheim students. What a great year that was! I now live in Charleston, SC after years in the Bay Area. Seeing the names of Keith Hawkinson, Jerry Donahue, Fred Aigner, etc. is a pleasure.

wrote on 20.08.2007

Hi, My sister went to Kleiningersheim in the 60?s Her name is Thea Martin. Did you know her?

wrote on 03.02.2009

Did you get my last email?I knew your sister.The school was so small then we all knew each other.What is your sister doing?Best regards,Jim Fisher

wrote on 02.02.2009

I remember Thea well.Your Dad was a Lt.Col in the Army if I remember correctly.I am trying to remember exactly the year.I think it was the second year in Kleiningersheim.We really had fun!Frau von Radowitz was there who was a great mentor.Where is Thea today?I am in Boulder,Colorado.