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Ute Gleich - 2006 December, 21
Write your own story!  
Dear Alumni, this is a page dedicated to your experiences abroad. Think back to some of your adventures - what happened when you first landed at the airport, when you first went shopping, when you met people from other cultures. In short share some of those wonderful memories with us. Thank you...
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Kathleen Sampson - 2007 May, 24
"Senior Alumni"  
I recently learnt that I am the most senior alum on the SIU alumni list! I studied at the Schiller College in Kleiningersheim, Germany in 1965. Amazing is that my husband is also an alum of the same class! We met on the Bremen as we sailed out of New York harbor on our way to Schiller. This June...
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Forest Forest B Wortham - 2009 December, 10
Paris 7th Arre 1971-73  
I attended the Paris campus when it was located in the 7thArre. My fondest memories are when groups of us would go out to dinner or invite each other over. Of course I wouldn't want to forget the parties at the school. Names that remember are Rich E., Bill Bozy P. Touss S., Priscilla S., Cathy P,...
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Laura Lam - 2009 December, 10
Book published  
I was a student of Schiller College at London Campus in 1980-1981. The campus was in the old castle of Wickham Court, where Anne Boleyn used to date King Henry VIII. I still remember the Anne Boleyn's Walk very well, and the fireplace in Schiller's library with the King's carved initials. I really...
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Hy Hy Small - 2009 December, 10
Most Sr. Also  
Hey there; saw Kathleen's article about being most senior alum from Kleiningersheim. That makes me one too since I was there for that year. I had lived in Ludwigsburg and attended high school there for four years before that. What a time we had! Best wishes to all, Hy Small '64-65...
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Tom Holston - 2009 December, 10
Amor vincit tempus  
I certainly cannot match the longevity of Kathleen Sampson but I have an interesting tale to relate. My love at Kleiningersheim was Joanne. We spent many hours together over the academic year traveling to my home in Italy plus local travel. We parted ways in July 1969. Fast forward to January 2004....
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dale dale myrum - 2009 December, 10
This was a year of firsts for me my first cross ocean travel once by SSFrance and then lufthansa> I saw so much and did so much because the college took us on trips. I went from 225 to 180 that school year uffda. And i fell in love with Beverly who was my first...
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Dale dale myrum - 2009 December, 10
Boennigheim ,your not at home Dorothy  
I don't know if i ever put it to words buts being in Germany 72-73 did me more good then i can explain. I was able to sail out on the SS France to Bremerhaven from New York. Ok the biggest deal here was i saw the ocean for the first time, and being from the prairies that was something.I...
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Hy Hy Small - 2009 December, 10
Tied for Oldest alum  
I read Kathleen Sampson's article on being the most senior alum; however, I moved to Stuttgart in 1960 so maybe that qualifies me as being the oldest alum?! Kleiningersheim was quiet little farming town with one guesthaus and served great beer, schnitzle mit kartoffol salat, thank God. It was a...
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Jami Jami Moiz - 2009 December, 10
Twenty years on....  
Its really good to see Schiller progressing so well. I chose Schiller in London over other schools because of the multicultural environment and the belief that it offered a truly rewarding marketing program. Both have paid off! I started my career after an MBA from Schiller London as part of the...
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khan sardar ibrahim khan - 2009 December, 10
greetings from the otherside...  
Hello, I came to Schiller in 1992... I think and stayed till 93, and this period was the best time of my life....met so many people from every where...I long to meet someone from that period in Schiller...although Ive forgotten some names but Im sure Ill know most of my class mates if I could get...
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Kevin Bedwell - 2009 December, 10
Teenager in a foreign country.  
I arrive in Luxembourg in August 1978. My parents had been there 1 month. My father transferred there by his company. After introduction to Luxembourg it was time to go to school. My parents drove to to Hotel Brown up the street from the original Heidelberg Campus, Villa Manesse. My apartment...
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Dale dale myrum - 2009 December, 10
It was a year of first the first time i left home and traveled far>Fits time on a Ship. And of course my first serious girllfriend . I learned because of Schiller that i liked opera, german beer, and a love for James joyce, the Brontes, and DH lawrence I reaad them still. It wil...
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Kim kimberly lee tan - 2009 December, 10
Dear Schiller Alumni & Students, 91-94 was one of the most exciting year, in my development. I was a sruggling student, majoring in pre-med and pychology, waterloo branch. I travelled overseas and live for a short period in Taiwan, but never really lived alone overseas for 4 years... i got to...
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Izmee Izmee Ismail - 2009 December, 10
The journey never ends  
It has been 27 years since the last time I left the halls of Waterloo Campus. With an MBA and the John Locke Award in hand (plus some work experience) I found myself accepted as General Manager of a solar water-heater manufacturing company in Malaysia. 12 years after I became the Country Manager of...
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Karim Hilali - 2009 December, 10
Schiller Spirit  
I am very proud to be part of the Schiller Spirit. Its way of life and philosophy helped many of the graduates to become spirited and preferential hoteliers around the world. Karim Hilali Schiller FL Alumni '05 Andalous Fez - Restaurant Club Lounge CEO...
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Ahmed Ahmed Bader Ahmed kaiksow - 2009 December, 10
hi all , i am ahmed graduated from schiller florida in 1997 dec from that time till now i am supporting my father in our family's business .. i have worked with him as an administration employee "trainee" for two years then i have given a position of an administration manager gradually i...
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susan susan wieland (Beadle) - 2009 December, 29
I'm still around and would love to know about others!  
I was only at Schiller in Bonnigheim in 1967-1968. Since then, obviously, many things have happened. Highlights - two children, now 4 granddaughters and another grandchild due in April. Bachelors Degree in history from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan, Law Degree from what is now...
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JANE Jane Staffier - 2010 February, 17
K-heim 68/69 Alums Greetings from Boston!  
Hi Tom, Bill B. & Dusty! Does anyone remember me? There were some great girls there, Judy Schied, Merrilee. Herr Schluchter was our German Professor; he got married that year to a Californian. Great teacher! I lived in the castle. It was gorgeous! I remember the moon rising over the...
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Rick Richard Coyle - 2010 March, 12
Heidelberg '71-'72  
That time seems so very distant and my memories of it are sparse and disjointed. I can remember drinking the boots of beer at 'Sepples, the garden near the Manse with the bank and the drunks. Eating at the Mensa. Watching some TV in the common room. Dinners and German 'lessons' at the Sharfen Eck....
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mike anderer - 2010 March, 15
Lost Dude  
I am the guy who came to Schiller from Loyola in November of 1968 and stayed until January of 1969, I worked the desk for the Graetchen and helped Jerr Gastmann. Lost contact with all the "regular" stidents who were enrolled at Schiller...I am now 62 and about to retire from the VA and go into a...
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Beth Beth Callahan Marbury - 2010 April, 14
Schiller 73-74  
Rick Coyle-Didn't know you when I was in Heidelberg, but your memories really capture mine of the Schiller year! How fortunate we were to have those German church bells ringing on the hour, the trains waiting to wisk eurail students to neighboring countries, and the knowledge of our German friends...
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mike anderer - 2010 June, 22
Mikes peregrinations  
I was the guy who came to schiller in November of 1968 and worked with Herr Gastman. I was on leave from Loyola University of Chicago. Anyone recall?...
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Eileen O'Brien - 2010 June, 22
Schiller Heidelberg 1972-74  
In 1970, I had been an exchange student @ a Gymnasium (high school) in Heilbronn/Neckar. I liked Germany so much, I knew I wanted to come back. After 2 years @ an American university with a German major, I decided to come to Schiller to get a better working knowledge of German versus just the...
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Larry Miller - 2010 August, 31
Schiller, summer of 65  
I attended Schiller College in the summer of 1965, when the school was still in an embryonic stage. What a magical experience. Few names remain in my memory, but faces, events, and the view of the Neckar River resonate. ?Help Me Rhonda?, a song on the one of the few albums in the cellar, brings a...
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Christine Ropp - 2010 December, 08
Best Times of My Life  
I did a Master's Program 1972-73 with 3 other students. This was the beginning of my life-long love affair with Heidelberg. I have never loved a place more and I still visit there often and feel absolute bliss to be back. A lot of the same old places are still there, like Essighaus, Destille,...
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Suzanne Suzanne G. Beyer (nee Seeley) - 2012 January, 17
Summer School 1965-Kleiningersheim  
I loved Schiller College, Kleiningersheim. Remember quite well my little room in the castle, the beer-dispensing machine :), field trips even to a Schwimbad, and eating Schnitzel and drinking shots of Raziputz with the locals. Yes, I even learned how to speak German....
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Craig Craig Velte - 2012 April, 20
Great Years  
Hello Alumni! I attend Schiller in Madrid in 1971-72, then London in 1972-73 and back to Madrid in 1973-74 when I graduated. It was the best part of my life. I learned so much, and you could take it as far as you wanted. I had great friends there, with whom I have now lost touch. If you...
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Mary Madden - 2012 June, 29
Best memories ever!  
I came to Heildelberg in 1973 after spending 3 months traveling with a friend. I immediately made friends that i have had now for close to 40 years. I was from a big family in LA and had never traveled much....and Schiller opened my eyes up to the world. I was fascinated by everything...and loved it...
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Jan Nelson - 2012 June, 29
1966-67 Kleiningsheim  
I remember so fondly my year there. My parents were living in London, I had already studied 4 years of German, my mom was German so it was a perfect match. I went on to a 30 year career in federal law enforcement in the US, retired, and have pursued my passion of travel. I have been to all 50 US...
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Michael Schroeder - 2012 June, 29
Academic year 65-66  
I arrived at Schiller in the fall of 1965 and stayed until summer 66. I lived in the house across the street, and will never forget the wonderful times we had. Mike...
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Roy Roy Stromme - 2012 June, 29
Kleiningersheim '67 - '68  
My Schiller experience started when I set sail on the Rotterdam from New York. Then we traveled from LeHavre by rail and bus to reach Kleiningersheim. I lived in the Nebenhaus and then later in a room in a new home just built by the Kofinks. My Schiller experience was wonderful and started my...
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Ivar HAUFF - 2012 July, 13
BBA London campus  
I completed my BBA in 1989 after two yrs of evening classes (From before I had an English HND). Schiller was on top of full time work with the Norwegian Tourist Board. I enjoyed my time at Schiller in London but I have lost contact with fellow students. I am now back in Oslo, Norway if anyone would...
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Sally Sally Reuther - 2012 July, 13
Theatre in Strasbourg  
I feel fortunate that I was able to be a part of the brief theatre program at the Strasbourg campus. I was there in 77-78 as a graduate student. Living in the chateau was incredible and taking trips to see theatre in Paris and London was amazing. It was truly a magical time in my life and one I look...
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Sylvia Naumann - 2012 July, 13
I spent from September '77 to Aug. '78, at the chateau Porteles in Strasburg. It was one of the best years of my life. I have such great memories of the people I went to school with as well as the staff. I am very happy to have touched base with some of those friends over the years. Can't believe...
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Milad Dr Milad M. Moftah@yahoo.com - 2012 November, 12
Personal Experience at Schiller  
From Dr Milad M. ELHARATHI Benghazi University Libya Benghazi To study at Schiller International University was the best academic decision I have ever made. It laid the foundation for my professional career in international politics, under the supervision of Dr Steven Eckovich. During my...
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Tom Tom Kelley - 2013 January, 23
Greetings fellow Alumni 1973-74  
Wanted to say hello! Schiller Paris was the best. I lived in the Fondation Des Etats-Unis, where my partner Chestnut and myself opened the Cafe Du FEU, and it was a hit from the first week. My experience in Paris and Europe was the best, and I have many pics of my fellow students to remind me. I...
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"theo" peter theobald - 2013 April, 08
Heidelberg Experience 1978-79  
I somehow got myself enrolled at Schiller-Heidelberg after flunking out of my freshman year at a college in Long Island,NY. My mother and I lived in Vienna Austria,so I already knew german fluently. I had no idea what to study (I was just eighteen),so I just took some general study courses. I...
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Jim James Allan Krause, PhD - 2013 May, 27
Strasbourg-Heidelberg 1991-93  
My time at SIU was a game changer for sure. I went on to complete an MBA at Royal Roads University in Victoria, Canada, and then a PhD at Touro University, out of Cypress, CA USA, and was an on-line professor there for 8 years. The last few years I have been writing ebook musicals, the first of...
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Clara deCarvalho - 2014 February, 20
Back to Europe  
After spending 40+ years in California, I returned to my native country Portugal to live. Heidelberg years 1972-1974 were the best years of my life, this seems to be the on going theme with most of us. I have remained and keep in touch with two of my friends from school: Michael O'Neal who is lives...
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Phillip Fries - 2015 August, 10
Boennigheim 72-73, London 73-75  
Tripped across this site while browsing. I am a 1975 (January) graduate of Schiller University. I learned about Schiller while stationed with the US Army in Stuttgart, and after leaving the Army I came back to Germany a year later to attend Schiller. I attended the Boennigheim campus for one year,...
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